General Men’s Shed Information

The common theme in all Sheds throughout Australia (there are more than 1,200 now established) is about men feeling useful and contributing to their communities, learning or sharing their skills, making friends, networking and availing themselves of health information programs and opportunities.

Activities within Sheds are many and various: woodwork, metal work, restoration of old cars, “portable” Sheds taken to Alzheimer facilities or mobile Sheds for remote country areas.

The membership is diverse too. Men from all backgrounds, ethnic and social mixes can enjoy a Men’s Shed, bringing their unique cultural characteristics to enliven the activities.

More information on the Yass Valley Men’s Shed Inc. which is a non-profit, community organisation and registered Charity and has been granted Deductible Gift Recipient status by the Australian Tax Office.

Our main aims are to assist local men by providing a safe venue and focusing on programs and activity that promotes and assists Men’s Health (physical, mental, emotional etc).  To this end we run seminars and talks on health issues including presentations from/on the Black Dog Institute, Beyond Blue, Anger Management, Hearing, First Aid and Defibrilator training as well as financial advice for people approaching the need for nursing home decisions).

Our “Useful Websites” page contains details of other Men’s Shed organisitions and support as well as an extensive lists of links to mental and physical health providers (including cancer sites, suicide prevention, Alzheimers, “Your Brain Matters” etc).  We also have materials in the Shed on many of these organisitions and the assistance they provide.

What happens at the Yass Valley Men’s Shed?   That is basically up to the membership of our Shed and continues to change and develop as time goes on.

We have a well-developed collection of wood working tools in Jack’s Workshop (named for Jack Schenning who donated his entire professional tool kit to the Shed).  We also have a very well resourced metal workshop.  Bring along your own projects, learn to use a new device.

A Garden Group is operating a very successful garden established in the grounds at the back of the Shed. This garden is available for community use.  In October 2020 an extensive Bush Tucker Garden, part funded by a $4,500 Grant from the NSW Government was officially opened by the Local Member, Wendy Tuckerman MP.  This is a Community Garden and all locals and visitors are welcome to visit, enjoy it, get involved etc.

We have a “state of the art” kitchen and regular food events and coffee and conversation events are a feature. We have a billiards/snooker table and members who are keen to play cards, chess, music etc.

We regularly welcome disabled people (both as members and visitors) and undertake visits to other Sheds or welcome members of other Sheds to our Shed.  We also plan and undertake excursions to places of interest, conduct occasional community seminars (often on men’s health issues) and engage in relevant Yass Valley community events.

While our principal focus is on supporting and enjoying all of our Shed members (ie not so much and “out-reach” organisation as one that specialises in “in-reach”,  we do get involved in worthwhile issues outside the walls.  Over the years we have raised donations for BlazeAid, Lions Club programs donated to people and organisations badly affected by floods and fires and contribute to worthwhile organisations in our own community when funds permit.

Our Shed is NOT a job centre, but if you would like to do something, get on with it!

Our Motto is: Minimal bureaucracy, maximum fun.

The environment in The Yass Valley Men’s Shed (YVMS)

 We will not tolerate abuse, violence, anti-social behaviour or infringements of the rights of others, persons indulging in this type of behaviour will be asked to leave the Shed.

The Yass Valley Men’s Shed actively promotes inclusiveness, friendship and tolerance. We actively reject discrimination of any kind by any member of the Shed or any visitor to the Shed directed at any member or guest.

Members and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner towards anyone on the premises at any time. This includes being considerate of other persons’ need for space, tools, materials and equipment as well as avoiding the use of inappropriate language or behaviour.


Membership is $30 a year which covers insurance provided through the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA).

Our membership has stabilised in the 90 to 110 range in recent years.

YVMS  Management information

The Shed holds an AGM every April at which a new Committee is elected.

The current YVMS Committee (April 2023 to April 2024) is:

President:  Peter Davidson 0439 931 579

Vice President:  Keith Chappell  0406 005 460

Secretary/Treasurer:  Wayne Stuart  0419 292 022

Member:  Ian Bluett

Member: Rob McCarthy

Member:  Greg Wondracz

Member and Moderator IT:   Ross Stirton

Public Officer:  Joe Morrissey  0412 258 300